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Please contact Sarah with any questions.

Holiday Helping 2021 Madison Families Helping Madison Families

What is Holiday Helping?

Holiday Helping is a donation-based program that provides assistance to families in our community during the winter holiday season who need help with children’s clothing, household items (such as laundry soap, toothpaste, diapers), and educational items (such as books, family board games, or puzzles). Along with practical assistance, this tradition brings hope to those who receive the gifts. The foundation of this program is our generous community. Children in giving families put a focus on helping others.

How Does it Work?

Families in need of assistance should complete a request form. The Family Assistance Committee reviews the forms and prepares the Holiday Helping Snowpals, which are distributed school-wide. Each Snowpal lists an item to be purchased and delivered unwrapped to the classroom. Gifts are collected, sorted, and given to the families.

How Can I Help?

Watch for the Holiday Helping Snowpal in your child’s backpack. If you purchase the gift on your Snowpal, please tape your Snowpal to the gift and return it to your child’s classroom.*

Important Dates for Holiday Helpers

Monday, November 15th: Holiday Helping Snowpals go home in children’s backpacks. There will be a basket of Snowpals in the front office where you can pick up additional Snowpals or exchange your Snowpal for another. Your participation is strictly voluntary and we appreciate all that you do. If you cannot participate, please drop your Snowpal in the basket. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 8th: Gifts are due in the classroom collection boxes.*
*If you are donating a gift card of any sort, please include the amount on the card. Also, give gift cards directly to your student’s teacher or to the Simis office staff. Please do not leave gift cards in the boxes in classrooms.

Important Dates for Families Requesting Assistance

Monday, November 1: For families requesting assistance, forms are available in the Simis front office, from the Simis health office, from the Simis social worker, or at

Friday, November 12: Deadline for completed assistance request forms to be returned to the health office, to the Simis Social Worker or emailed to

Wednesday, December 15: Gift distribution at Orangewood Church from 7:30am to 10am.
Thank you in advance for your participation in this program. Helping each other builds a stronger and more caring community.

Questions? Please contact Sarah at simis.familyassistance @ gmail . com or 704-491-3760.



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Thursday, November 4, 2021